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Hi Sir
Would it be possible to have the transcript from the spoken language exam- if you have it.
– the one with charlie snow?

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The falling leaves and Hawk Roosting

The falling leaves poem it talking about leaves falling and snow but it infant has a deeper meaning. It is by a women who is recording as if writing in a diary. She is talking about how she was left behind at home or in the country side as she is talking about leaves falling and no wind and this is more likely in the country side. And she is saying how her loved ones who are men and others have gone to fight in world war 1. It is saying that these men have gone to war and ‘slain by no window age or pestilence’. Showing they did not drop dead and the where probably young as it uses age.

Hawk roosting is telling us that hawks have a natural instinct humans do not have.

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Touching the Void- fate

In touching the void fate is used to show how the climber Joe had a voice in his head telling him that he needed to get down off the mountain. The voice in his head is telling him to go further into the cravase as there may be a slim chance that there might be a way out down there. This is when you see the voice in his head start to show. Eventually when he does get out and he feels relived at first the relishes he has along way still to go. He then starts to keep saying in his head that he has to get to a curtain point in 20 minutes and if he did it he would be very happy with himself but then if he did it in 22 he would be really pissed off at him self. But if this was fate then he would have always got down and would never have been in dang our. This could show the voice in his head is fate.

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Touching the void

In the touching of the void there are a lot of language features in use to expand on the text making the
Book more interesting and intense. One feature that is shown in the text is personification. This means it is making a reference to something being no human. For example,
‘Then what I had waited for pounced on me.’
This is showing something which is just a simple object or something around him and making it into a living thing. This is also shown where he says,
‘Like something come alive, the rope lashed violently against my face and I fell silently.’
Here he is talking about a rope, and saying it has a mind of its own and attacking him. Because this is in extreme conditions in the book, these would be either imagination of the mind, thinking the rope is not following the properties of a rope, or by giving it more life like properties it makes the mountin a reason why people should not climb up the west face.

Earlier in the book we see why joe wants to climb up the west face of the mountain and why he wants to. He talks about doing more and more things each a little hard then the last. He could be climbing up this mountain as it is the unknown because he wants to climb the west face, this being the part that had never successfully been climbed before. This makes it the unknown and possibly dangerous. Also because he keeps on going for more and keeps wanting to do more it is like an addiction. Like drugs can be an addiction, but what happens when you over dose, you DIE. This is like what he is ding,- he is temping death, keeps on going in to more challenging obstacles to overcome. Until he finds one he can’t over come where all his tempting fate and death all his over dossing could come to its end.
This is shown when he reaches the summit, now he has completed it he is not satisfied and wants more. He resides to climb up the ridge going higher then he had planned. This goes wrong and the nearly die.
Also when they are on there way down they want to get down quickly but this ends badly as joe breakes his leg and gets stuck down a cravas because Simon wanted to get off the mountin but he was going fast and not paying full attention to where they where lowering down.
He therefore puts himself in these situatations because he wants the rush of tempting fate and the rush of overcoming anything that gets in his way.

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Touching the void

In the touching of the void there are a lot of launguge features in use to expand on the text marketing the

Page 108
The what I had waited for pounced on me.
Like something come alive, the rope lashed violently against my face and I fell silently.

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In the essay can the feeling of women be based on emotion and how they are viewed?


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